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Leading expert for strategy development, responsible supply chain and strategic sourcing looking to overcome the multifaceted challenges of creating a truly sustainable and ethical business.

A company cannot be truly sustainable unless their supply chains become sustainable first

Strategy Focus:

The 8 Capitals: 8 Value drivers for a sustainable supply chain

Rock Solid & Transparent Supply Chain Strategy & Strategic sourcing
Financial & Working Capital Improvement
Negotiation experts. Conflict Mediators, supply contracts and pricing optimization.
Strategic Sourcing. Find factories & suppliers worldwide
Code of Conduct and ethical code writing and implementation
Spend and supply chain data analysis.
Suppliers Control and reporting of ESG & QHSE standards
Eco & Circular Design of goods. Product Specification optimization.

The offer to your business:

8 Capitals: Sustainable Supply Chain Enterprise Architecture

8 Capitals

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy and SWOT analysis.

Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain mapping, Supply and Spend Data Analysis

Sustainable Procurement

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier control

We develop a sourcing strategy for all your products and services. Sustainable sourcing, cost optimization, logistics organization. Quality, labor and environmental control.

Strategic Sourcing

Workshops & Training

Company workshops and business training in-house or at our office in Alicante, Spain.

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International Negotiations

Negotiation experts and conflict mediators. People in Holland, Spain and China.

Hi, I´m Femke Jamoel,

Currently I work as a consultant and interim manager on Strategic projects around the world.  I studied Mining and Petroleum Engineer and received my Masters of Science (MSc.) on the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands in 1997.

For over 20 years I´ve been working in the oil industry, solar energy, telecom, fashion and aviation, all over the world (Africa, Asia, US & Europe). This gives me a good all-round view on the Industry and the fact I speak 5 languages fluently (dutch, english, french, german, and spanish), helps me in communicating fluently on all levels. 

I have been doing many different types of work; offshore field engineer on oil platforms Africa; general director in South Africa in charge of getting electricity to a big city (Qwa-Qwa); I have been in charge of Solar Energy projects;  Procurement manager for BP Solar factories in India, Spain, China, Australia and the US;  Procurement & Logistics Director  in the telecom business (AMPER) and Supply Chain Director in an aerospace company (INAER).  

My expertise is in Business Management, leading teams to success, developing Business Strategies, Supply Chain and Procurement. My complete profile can be found on LinkedIN

As a managing consultant I help companies to come up with meaningful action and create results. My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I´ve learned and keep it real & honest.  Expect provoking ideas, plain language and to the point, actionable strategies and workshops translating your vision into winning actions. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools and measures that will help you create a better, more sustainable and more profitable business.

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“Responsible sourcing is an essential part of ensuring a sustainable future for your business. Consumers and stakeholders increasingly want to know where the products they buy originate from, how they are produced, and that laws and standards on key issues, such as labour conditions, animal welfare and environmental protection, are adhered to in the sourcing and manufacturing processes.

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I have a lot of experience in Supply Chain and Procurement analysis I would like to share with you. 

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