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Leading expert for strategy development, responsible supply chain and strategic sourcing looking to overcome the multifaceted challenges of creating a truly sustainable and ethical business.

Our Strategy Focus:

1. Rock Solid Supply Chain

Solid brand recognition by implementing sustainable values throughout the supply chain. Reputation kick towards customers and investors.

2. Financial & Working Capital Optimization

Margin and Revenue increase. Cost reductions of goods, services and overhead.

3. Employee Engagement and Corporate Governance Optimization

ESG Sustainable values lead to the retention and attraction of motivated and more productive employees. Restructure Corporate Governance and organisation and define objectives, responsibilities, accountabilities.

4. Sustainable Goals and Legal Capital Compliance

Assurance of compliance with laws and regulations on environmental and social and human aspects. Supplier improvement and compliance assessments.

5. Natural Capital Impact Reduction & Renewable Energy Strategy

Environmental impact reduction through sustainable purchasing of goods and services

6. Social Capital improvement and Supplier Control

Community and suppliers benefits by implementing sustainable ESG values. Control of suppliers and definition of minimum labor circumstances, values, code of conduct and minorities inclusion.

7. ESG Control

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Control and reporting

8. Manufactured Capital Optimization & Circular Design

Quality and Environmental Impact Improvement. Supplier values and code of conduct implementation. Circular design and specification optimization

Our Offer:

THE 8 CAPITALS: Business Strategy Development

Leading the way to a socially responsible and profitable business aiming for environmental excellence

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Sustainable Supply Chain & Sourcing Strategy

Analyzing, evaluating and selecting the best options for all your goods, services and capital expenditure. Long term sustainable results in line with your goals and values.

Workshops & Training

Company workshops and business training on Sustainable Business, Mission and vision workshop, Supply Chain SWOT, ESG reporting, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment), Supply Chain Design, Sustainable Procurement, Sustainable initiatives and certifications and sustainable & circular product design

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Supply Chain mapping and ESG Reporting

Supply Chain transparency and sustainability risk identification. ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Reporting for strategy development, consumers and investors

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Sourcing & One-Stop Manufacturing

Give us your design & specifications and we organize sustainable manufacturing of your product including: sustainable sourcing, cost optimization, logistics organization, quality, labor and environmental control and inspections in the factories. QHSE Inspectors in China, Spain and Taiwan

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Manufacturer Brand & Reputation Management

We help manufacturers improve on quality control, environmental impact reduction and improvement of labor circumstances. Assistance for sustainable manufacturers in reputation management, social media presence and web design to increase European Sales.

Hi, I´m Femke Jamoel,

I am born-and-raised in rainy Holland and now living in sunny Spain. I am a Mining and Petroleum Engineer and received my Masters of Science (MSc.) on the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands.

For over 20 years I´ve been working in the oil industry, solar energy, telecom, fashion and aviation, all over the world (Africa, Asia, US & Europe). This gives me a good all-round view on the Industry and the fact I speak 5 languages fluently helps me in getting my message across. I have been doing many different types of work, like offshore field engineer on oil platforms in Angola, Gabon and Cameroon, to director of all electricity distribution in a hometown in South-africa with 3 million people, to key account manager on Solar Energy projects.

In my last years as an business executive I was managing the procurement for solar manufacturing plants in India, Spain, China, Australia and the US.  Then I moved to the telecom business (buying millions of routers in China for consumers in Spain) and finally I directed a procurement and logistics department in an aerospace company with a fleet of 200 helicopters and airplanes. All this time I have worked for big multinational companies as a Director of big multicultural teams. 

My expertise is in Business Management, leading teams to success, developing Business Strategies, Supply Chain and Procurement.  I´ve been working all over the world in the oil& gas industry, solar energy, telecom, fashion industry and aviation.

My dream is to make a positive change and create a sustainable future and through my Consultancy for Sustainable Business and Supply Chain, I help companies to come up with meaningful action and create results. I would really like to hear from you, to see if I can help you as well to create a better business.



“Responsible sourcing is an essential part of ensuring a sustainable future for your business. Consumers and stakeholders increasingly want to know where the products they buy originate from, how they are produced, and that laws and standards on key issues, such as labour conditions, animal welfare and environmental protection, are adhered to in the sourcing and manufacturing processes.

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